One Day Soon

Mastered by Pure Tone
Artwork by Molly Coffee
Video Produced by Abdullah F. Kurashi
Directed by and Starring: Sera Kattoua

3 Responses to “One Day Soon”

  1. Haujobb - New World March out now. Listen to Control and Lost here. - TRICIL

    […] Lost is the other song I helped produce on New World March. I did the chorus synths repurposed from the patch I designed for One Day Soon. […]

  2. Canopy Sensus trailer - TRICIL

    […] One Day Soon appears on the ad for a revolutionary new iPhone case, the Sensus. […]

  3. Favorite tracks of 2012 - TRICIL

    […] do have to admit this kind of reminds me of a different video of a hot brown girl in the desert, this melody would not leave my head for days. It’s a shame […]

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