3/11 set live on the Mobius

I DJ’ed on my birthday on my friend’s radio show. It was a grand old time.

Listen here on SoundCloud before they invariably take it down:

Here’s a handy guide for your listening:

Num. Title Artist Release Start Time
1 Satisfy Nero Satisfy 2015/3/11 19:18:27
2 Destillat (Extended Version) Das Ich Egodram 2015/3/11 19:28:49
3 Answers Come In Dreams II Coil The Snow EP 2015/3/11 19:32:04
4 Viper (Ghost People Edit) Martyn Masks / Viper 2015/3/11 19:35:16
5 Headhunter V3.0 Front 242 Front By Front 2015/3/11 19:37:40
6 Everything in Its Right Place Radiohead Kid A 2015/3/11 19:39:08
7 Sinus Problem Haujobb Polarity 2015/3/11 19:41:29
8 D.O.G. Download III Steps Forward 2015/3/11 19:43:25
9 Fernsehapparat And One Aggressor 2015/3/11 19:46:48
10 Machine Gun (Amon Tobin remix) Noisia Amon Tobin (Boxset Vinyl) 2015/3/11 19:48:40
11 The Dancer Haujobb feat. The Horrorist We Must Wait 2015/3/11 19:51:05
12 Sin Nine Inch Nails Pretty Hate Machine 2015/3/11 19:52:37
13 Syllable Synapses Social Espionage Clean Air Campaign 2015/3/11 19:54:07
15 Prototype (HECQ) Front Line Assembly Echoes (Deluxe) 2015/3/11 19:56:53
16 Past Present Skinny Puppy The Greater Wrong Of The Right 2015/3/11 20:03:56
17 To Burn Your World Youth Code An Overture 2015/3/11 20:06:33
18 Dead Cities The Future Sound Of London Dead Cities 2015/3/11 20:11:20
19 Flux Covenant Sequencer 2015/3/11 20:13:36
20 Counting Bodies Like Sheep To The Rhythm Of The War Drums A Perfect Circle eMOTIVe 2015/3/11 20:17:11
21 Razorback Two Fingers Stunt Rhythms 2015/3/11 20:18:39
22 Lahuman8 Skinny Puppy Inquisition 2015/3/11 20:20:59
23 Laughing Quarter Autechre Envane 2015/3/11 20:23:21
25 I Don’t Get It Coil The Ape Of Naples 2015/3/11 20:27:06
26 Solar Driftwood Matta ft. The Abyss Prototype 2015/3/11 20:28:28
27 Airplanes Larvae Dead Weight 2015/3/11 20:30:36
29 Sigesang Download Furnace Re:Dux 2015/3/11 20:33:56
30 Where Is Everybody? (version) Nine Inch Nails Things Falling Apart 2015/3/11 20:38:03
31 Leid Und Elend KMFDM Symbols 2015/3/11 20:39:41
32 Dwr Budr Orbital In Sides 2015/3/11 20:41:52
33 Trickstep Amon Tobin Amon Tobin 2015/3/11 20:45:23
34 Spasmolytic Skinny Puppy Brap 2015/3/11 20:47:33
35 Burning Inside (12″ remix) Ministry Box 2015/3/11 20:48:41
36 Hedron CLOUDEATER Purge 2015/3/11 20:54:12
37 We Done Meat Beat Manifesto Subliminal Sandwich 2015/3/11 20:55:30


On Tuesday, I tuned and restrung my guitar. When you pick up your axe for the first time in awhile, a certain inspiration strikes.

This is the result of that.

Download it:

Remix it:

Is it safe to go home now?

To crowdfund or not to crowdfund?

Well, this certainly opened up a can of worms.

I wondered:

@amandapalmer herself retweeted this, which then lead to quite a few disagreeing replies including one from from Filter (yes, that Filter):

Here’s the thing. My adversity to crowdfunding is when artists stoop down to almost “begging” levels to fund a record/tour/pay their rent/etc for exorbitant amounts of money. It’s not that I’m old fashioned and against the idea – after all, anyone who is reading this knows I’m quite “post-label” myself, it’s just that I’m against the reckless desperation some bands (and brands) exhibit in their campaigns: posting just how far off they are from their goal constantly and doing nothing more than just that – posting about it.

I’ve supported campaigns – I’m not that big of a curmudgeon. Recently, my friends in Haujobb just did a successful tour funding campaign and I eagerly await my copy of their new album!

How do you feel? Is crowdfunding a “means to an end” or boisterous begging?

Nerd Parade: 2015


Nerd Parade | We’re at work

There will be a new Nerd Parade album this year: A follow-up to Daylight Saving Time. Randy Garcia, Rich Wilson and John Jacobus are already involved. Other familiar nerds will return. New nerds will be introduced.

That’s all I can say right now.